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Trumann receives grant to prevent flooding

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) – The City of Trumann has received a sizable grant to help prevent flooding in one of its neighborhoods.

City leaders announced Tuesday that the state had awarded them $789,430. The money will cover the cost of constructing a 16-acre detention pond near the Mulberry Drive area.

The detention pond will temporarily hold a set amount of water while slowly draining it to another location. That's welcomed news for neighbors like Herbert Maxwell, who have come to expect flooding near their homes after a heavy rainfall.

"The highway would fill up with water and then it'd back up into our yards," recalls Maxwell, who has lived on Rosewood Drive in Trumann for 49 years.

"Our kids used it for boat riding around two streets," he said, "so it got pretty deep down on my end down here."

Water has never risen high enough to enter his home, but his neighbors down the street on Mulberry would rather not relive previous flooding incidents.

"Some of them moved out. Some of them sold their houses, what could," he said, "and some of them had to replace sheet rock up to two to three feet high inside their households because of water in it."

The City of Trumann says the detention pond will offer them some relief, though the project has wallowed for years because of money issues. The city, however, can now afford it thanks to the disaster relief grant that it received recently from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

"We were fortunate to be notified that we are receiving funding," said Barbara Lewallen, who has helped oversee the grant process. "That's one of our big announcements today that we're just really thrilled about. We think it's going to be a big help for our city. Infrastructure is so important."

Lewallen shared the news about the detention pond grant Tuesday at a luncheon. The guests all helped bring the project to this point.

Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters plans to open bids next week to get the project started as soon as possible, and resident Herbert Maxwell commends her for that.

"I'm proud to see our city council and our mayor get behind this thing," said Maxwell, a former alderman. "We worked on this a number of years ago and never did anything happen, so I'm glad to see them get behind it and get pushing it because we dearly need it."

The City of Trumann has also received an additional grant totaling $82,500. The money will help build an adult education center in town.

The city has now raised half the amount that it needs to construct the workforce training facility.

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