Bomb squad called after suspicious package found at post office

NAYLOR, MISSOURI, (KAIT) -Tense moments Tuesday when a suspicious package was discovered at the post office in Naylor.

According to Ripley County Sheriff Ron Barnett, around 10:30 a.m. the postmaster discovered a small box with wires sticking out of it on the lobby counter.

Deputies responded and immediately evacuated a 300-yard perimeter.

Sheriff Barnett called in the Southeast Missouri Regional Bomb Squad from Sikeston, who used a remote-controlled robot to enter the post office and examine the package.

After picking up the box, Sheriff Barnett said the robot carried it outside "for placement in the explosive disposal trailer" which is equipped with an X-ray unit.

Just as the robot was placing the box inside the trailer, the owner of the package arrived on the scene.

"He just came up to us and said the package wasn't dangerous," Sheriff Barnett said.  "It was a dog-shocking collar charger."

Apparently the package had been accidentally left out of a larger package that was being mailed.

After a few questions, the package was returned to the owner.  The bomb squad packed up their gear, including their robot, and rolled out of town.

Although it wasn't a bomb, Sheriff Barnett said you can't be too careful.

"Considering the circumstances, with all the things in Colorado and all around, we want to watch and be careful," he said.

Sheriff Barnett also praised the bomb squad and said he was glad to have access to their resources when he needed them.

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