Jonesboro Is Paving the Way For New Sidewalks

June 1, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-- Road closed and men working signs are spread around Jonesboro but this construction will benefit a different kind of traffic.

John Easley is an Engineer for Associated Engineering and Testing.  He says there is room for improvement. "Several streets in town are being replaced with new sidewalks on Huntington, Flint, Washington, Madison, and a few select spots on Union and Church street" he says.

The work is being paid for by a grant from the Department of Transportation administered through the Highway Department which is involved in a program to enhance the downtown area.

The Americans with Disabilities Act heavily applies to this project. "It's all new construction so all the ADA rules and regulations will apply as far as the sidewalks and ramps and things like that," said Easley.

Folks on Flint street, in particular, say this project really hasn't been that big of an inconvenience, in fact, they say the city has been very accommodating during the construction.

Geraldine Carey owns a house on Flint street.  She says her husband started a project that turned into something bigger than he had first expected.  "My husband was going to try and remove this retainer wall himself, and it became quite a job. Yesterday, Mr. Easley came by and he said the city would do it, and we are just so glad," said Carey.

Carey says she looks forward to the project's completion. "It will improve the look for the neighborhood and the city to get these unsightly places fixed."