Accident on Highway 49 shuts down northbound lanes

Craighead County, AR (KAIT) – The northbound lanes of Highway 49 has been shut down and the southbound lane is down to one lane, after two accidents Thursday evening.

The first accident happened when the driver of a mustang slammed into the right rear bumper of a pickup truck. The truck driver tells Region 8 News that he was about to turn left on Highway 49 B when the accident happened.

According to officials on the scene, the driver of the car suffered minor injuries and refused transportation to a local hospital.

One person was transported to the hospital following a second accident at the same intersection.

Officials on the scene tell Region 8 News that a pickup truck heading northbound on Highway 49 ran into another pickup truck, when the first truck made a quick turn on to Highway 49 B.

One of the trucks spun about 100 feet north, when a Honda ran into it. The passenger in that car was transported to a local hospital.

Police have rerouted Highway 49 northbound traffic to Highway 49 B.

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