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Crossing the Pond? Here's Some International Travel Tips

June 2, 2004 -- Posted at 5:44 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- With summer here, many folks are packing their bags and getting ready for a vacation, and traveling internationally is at it's highest level since 9-11.  But  how do you stay safe and still have the best time when overseas?

Dr. Emelda Williams is the co-owner of Travel With Us, Inc.  She says simple planning can make a difference in traveling. 

"This year, people are saying, I'm tired of the terrorist, or the possibility of someone saying I can't do what I want to do. I'm going to travel if I want to travel and ifIi die, by golly, I die happy, and most of them go with that attitude now, so travel is up," said Williams, "Before you go to any country, get on the internet and call up that country's name. Find out about the culture, find out what's going on, what the weather's like."

But sometimes the battle for a stress free vacation starts at home. Airport security can sometimes take forever. While your waiting in line, get prepped. Taking off your shoes and carrying a plastic baggie to put your change and jewlrey in will speed up your time at security.

Ok, so now you've made it to your destination, but what about safety?

"There is a problem sometimes as the world over with pickpockets, thieves, that sort of thing," said Williams

Photocopy your credit cards, driver's license and passport, and leave one copy at home, and keep another in your checked suitcase. That way if anything is lost or stolen, you'll have the information you need.  Men should carry their wallets in their front pocket and if you carry a backpack, wear it in front of you.

"Before you leave call your bank. Make sure your ATM cards and your credit cards will work in other countries. In some countries banks charge a service fee that others will not," said Willliams.

Keeping a low profile can also help out tourists. If you're lost, don't ask for directions off the street, go inside a buisness. Williams says the best thing to do is try to blend in.

Williams adds, "Go, go with being careful, being smart in how you go and how you travel and how you do things."

Some other tips to follow: 

  • Check with your travel agent about what kind of electrical adaptors you might need. 
  • You'll need two forms of photo identification when traveling internationally.  Keep them handy when in the airport. 
  • Make sure your passport is current.  You will not be able to board your flight if it is outdated.
  • If your purse or wallet is stolen, file a report with the police immediatly, then call to cancel  your credit cards and report a fraud alert on your name and Social Security Number. 
  • Look as if you know where you are going,  and walk with a purpose.  
  •  Coordinate your clothes around one or two basic colors. This cuts down on the number of shoes and accessories you have to bring.

  • Do not accept drinks from anybody that you have just met, especially if in dubious surroundings.

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