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Storms Rock Arkansas, Texas & Oklahoma

JUNE 3, 2004 - Posted at 7:28 a.m. CDT


JONESBORO, AR - Power has been blinking back on in Texas, but officials are warning that outages may last several days.

Several hundred thousand homes are without power following severe storms in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Tornado warnings were issued in three northeast Arkansas counties late Wednesday afternoon, but little, if any damage was reported.  The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for northern Mississippi County, as well as western Craighead and eastern Lawrence counties.  Tornadoes or funnel clouds were spotted along Highway 18 near Leachville, as well as areas near Egypt and Clover Bend.  A heavy outbreak of hail reportedly accompanied the storm system near Clover Bend.

Elsewhere, at least three people were killed in storm-related incidents.  In Oklahoma, a woman died when her pick-up rolled into a ditch.  A Texas man was killed when a tree fell on his mobile home. 

Winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour blew through a wide swath of Oklahoma yesterday, downing power lines, breaking utility poles and delaying airline flights.  As a spokesman for an Oklahoma power company put it, "We got whacked pretty bad."

In Tulsa, winds smashed dozens of windows in a 15-story building, forcing the evacuation of about 1,300 people.  Some minor injuries are reported there.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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