Banners being readied for Aurora

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Over the past week KAIT and the Jonesboro Radio Group have teamed up to help people here in Region 8 show their support for the people in Aurora, Colorado.

The banners were on display at the Mall at Turtle Creek and people have stopped by and taken pens in hand to show their feelings for the shattered Colorado town. While some have left messages, others just simply left their signature to express their sympathy.

Alleya Johnson and her son Andrew both stopped by to sign the banner.

Andrew looked at the banners covered with writing. "Even though it's just a signature, it may be able to help somebody out, make somebody feel better. "He said. His mom says she feels a tie to the people of Aurora based on her own experiences.  "I was here in Jonesboro when that shooting happened at Westside." She said, "And, you know, my kids where in school at the time and it terrified me. So, you know, I kind of feel for them."

Terri Lawless says she felt very shocked about the incident and took it very personal. "My heart goes out to them and still goes out to the ones still recovering."

So many people came by to sign the banners that another had to be made up. They are both nearly filled on both sides with signatures and messages. Bill Presley from the Jonesboro Radio Group said he really wasn't surprised. "The support is just unbelievable." Presley said. "The thoughts and prayers have come out here at the Mall. It's so great."

When the banners are sent to Aurora a proclamation of support from Mayor Harold Perrin will accompany them. Perrin read the proclamation to the crowd and the ties that link Jonesboro and Aurora together.

"But the reality of an unprovoked and heinous attack on innocent victims such as this has become all too real, and regrettable. Our community knows the sting of such an event first hand." Perrin read.

Terri Lawless dabbed at her eyes and she finished signing the banner. "I'm glad I got to be part of signing the banner for them."

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