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Tommy Puryear Pays It Forward: 07/30


This week's installment of Pay It Forward is a touching story of how one Lubbock couple helped a friend in need.

We set up along 19th Street near the LCU campus in West Lubbock. It didn't take long for Tommy and Beverly Puryear to show up. They spotted our Pay It Forward sign and knew exactly who they wanted to help.

Tommy and Beverly chose Jennifer Wampler of Lubbock. Jennifer is the young mother of two children and has had a hard time getting by. She works part-time, but the bills add up quickly with two children in her house.

Jennifer was deeply moved by the Puryear's decision to help her out.

She explained that the money will come in handy to pay for food and diapers. Jennifer added that they only had $5 in her bank account when we arrived at her doorstep. She said that if she were to ever see our sign, she would return the favor and help Tommy and Beverly out because she felt that they needed it more than she did.

It's another touching story on Pay It Forward. Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon, you could become our next playmaker.

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