Trooper in hot water over Dyer dash cam video

Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It all started March 10, when an Arkansas State Police Trooper pulled over two vehicles in White County.

Trooper Royce Denney's dash cam video caught it all.

"Good afternoon, sir, Trooper Denney. A little fast comin' on up over there," Denney can be heard introducing himself to the car occupants.

The video surfaced Monday, following a Freedom of Information Act request, but started when Michael Dyer was kicked off the football team Sunday. Now, an internal investigation is underway at Arkansas State Police concerning that dash cam video.

The dash cam starts with Trooper Denney pulling over two cars. One driven by Michael Dyer and another by Ronnie Wright for going 96mph in a 70mph speed zone. After Denney speaks with the men inside the car, he pulls Dyer to the side and makes small talk.

Denney: "Where you go to school at?"

Dyer: "Arkansas State"

Denney: "Arkansas State? Play ball? Play ball?"

Dyer: (unintelligible)

Denney: "What's coach gonna think?"

Then Denney, Dyer and an unknown woman get inside the trooper's car to talk.

Denney: "Carryin' weed around, carryin' a pistol around, ain't cool. You got all the cool you need on your finger there, man. You've got a career ahead of you. You're being a total dumb*** right now."

Denney chastises Dyer. Telling him he's being stupid and ruining his career. Then Denney changes tactics.

Denney: "If I didn't charge you with the pistol and charge you with the weed... What do you think coach would do to you?"

Then, he works to settle the situation.

Denney: "Alright, Mike... I'm gonna make you a deal."

It's a deal that's landed him under an internal investigation by Arkansas State Police.

Denney: "Today's the 10th of March... Say I come back and see you April 10th, you think that'd all be out of your system by then?"

Dyer: "Yes sir."

Denney and Dyer then work out a deal concerning Dyer's pistol.

Denney: "You want me to hold that for you?"

Dyer: "Yes, sir."

Denney: "I ain't sayin' keep it. Me and you can get together some other time and you can have it back."

After their conversation, Dyer allows Denney to search his vehicle, where he finds the marijuana.

Denney: "You know what that was right?"

Man in the vehicle: "What was that?"

Denney: "An old blunt with weed in it. Just let you know, see what I'm doin' with it."

What he was doing with it was throwing it onto the side of the road. Denney then lets both men off with a simple speeding ticket.

Denney: "Sorry to keep you out here playing games on your phone... I had to chew his a** pretty hard. He can tell you all about it if he wants to later. (the conversation is unintelligible for a short time) You gonna get the same ticket he got. 96 in a 70," Denney tells the man in the vehicle.

We contacted Arkansas State Police Public Information Officer Bill Sadler regarding Denney's position with ASP. In a statement, he told us this...

"There is a pending personnel matter currently before the State Police Director regarding the investigation of the traffic stop by Trooper Denney. Until the personnel matter is resolved there is no further information being released. I can tell you that Trooper Denney is not assigned to active patrol status."

We'll continue to track this story and let you know what happens with Trooper Denney once the internal investigation is over.

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