Jonesboro and Aurora mayors speak on the phone

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The mayors of Jonesboro and Aurora, Colorado had an opportunity to visit on the phone Tuesday.

Mayor Harold Perrin described to Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan the two banners that had been used in Jonesboro to gather thousands of signatures and messages for the people of the Colorado town.  Perrin related to Hogan the feelings that ran through the community after the West Side shootings and the common bond the towns now shared.

Mayor Perrin also read the proclamation that will be sent with the banners.

After listening to Perrin, Mayor Hogan replied that, "The outpouring of concern and the thoughts and prayers from literally around the world has just been so deeply appreciated." Hogan went on to say that the city had so many people to thank and it is like telling their emergency service people thanks, "where to start?" he said.

But you could hear the emotion in Hogan's voice when he rang off. "It is heartfelt when I say thank you to you and the people of Jonesboro.  Just know that's from the heart. Thank you sir."

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