Chick Fil-A draws support and protest in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Hundreds of thousands of people showed up at Chick Fil-A restaurants around the country and here in Region 8 to show their support for the chain.

To some, the big surge in business was less about chicken and more about the company's CEO's stance on family and same sex marriage.

In Jonesboro, lines of cars created a mess on Stadium Boulevard. Cars waited in the street for an opportunity to turn into the driveway and other lanes were slowed as many took time to take photographs and video of the crowds.

The line to get into the restaurant snaked around the parking lot and nearly over to Target.

People waiting in line told us they had spent 30 - 40 minutes just to get in the front door.

Pastor Anthony Langley, from the Lepanto First Baptist Church says he is proud of the company.  "We're here today to show our appreciation for an organization that's run on biblical principles."

Ellen Trayler, who also had been standing in line said it's important to stand up for what we believe in. "If we don't stand for right, what's right from the bible. Whose gonna stand? In the day that we live in, who is gonna stand?"

Langley said the crowd says it all. " I think we are supporting them and appreciating them because they stood up and hadn't backed down, like so many do when they are attacked."

There were also people standing outside of the restaurant in protest of Chick-Fil-A.

Those protestors included members from the Arkansas State University's Gay|Straight Alliance and others from the Jonesboro community.

Eli Walker was one of the protestors in front of the restaurant.  He says people don't know enough about the company and where there profits go. "I'm here to educate the community on what they are spending their money on." said Eli Walker, "I'm hoping that it might change a few minds."

The restaurant chain expects today to be one of its largest one day money makers in its history.

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