Business is Booming in Paragould

June 04, 2004--Posted at 6:00p.m. CDT

Paragould--Business is booming in paragould.

Randy Philhours is with economic development for Paragould.

"Our industry and organization to create new jobs whether that is with existing industry or bringing new industry into town," said Philhours.

Boomtown USA, written by Jack Schultz, describes rural towns with big time business.< /P> < P> "The diversity that they have got, the growth engine that they have become, how they have createdjobs, and how they are continuing to grow their population,"said Schultz.

Paragould is described in the book as an agurb.

It is a combination of life in the suburbs while still relying on agriculture for a main source of revenue.

"I think they have got a very progressive attitude, and have done a lot of things on their quality of life issues,"said Schwartz.

Shultz describes Paragould as a city that knows how to be successful.

Strong school systems and road and highway improvements are a just a couple of reasons Paragould is really making a name for itself.  Perhaps one of the most attractive things about Paragould is job availability.

Dean Inman is with American Railcar Industries.

"We're building a new facility on our campus in paragould, and we will have literally hundreds of new jobs in the course of 2004 that we are trying to fill.)) (***bite***) [cass bite] [runs=:11] ((last year was the first year in six years that agriculture had made a comeback and done fairly well. It has energized the community and certainly energized retail business. )) (***bite***) [cass bite] [runs=:12] ((shultz found agurbs in 45 states including 13 in arkansas. In fact out of the 100 agurbs he mentions in his book, three are found right here in arkansas.)) mountain home is also mentioned in boomtown usa, but the day belongs to the city and residents in paragould [***nat sound***] [runs=:03] in paragould with photojournalist chris haag, lauren payne k8 news.