Izard County assault arrest, police struggle

IZARD COUNTY, AR (KAIT)- Izard County Deputies arrested a Franklin woman for assault last week.

Deputies responded to a Hickory Flat Road residence late Tuesday, July 31 in response to a "physical altercation." Carol Berman was sitting on the porch of the residence with vodka in her lap.

The victim of the incident said Berman came to her home and squeezed her arms leaving minor lacerations and redness. The victim then said she is in poor health and on various medications.

When Berman was told she is under arrest, she began to yell profanities to the deputies and tried to walk away. When Deputy Phil Story tried to place hand restrains on her, Berman jerked away and spit toward him striking him in the ear and shirt. During the struggle, Berman kicked Story on the left knee. After being place in the patrol unit, Berman continually kicked the protective cage, spit all over the windows, and beat on the door glass with her fist and feet.

Sheriff Tate Lawrence said that 48-year-old Carol Berman was charged with battery third degree, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public intoxication, and obstruction of governmental operations.

Berman was released from the Izard County Detention Facility after appearing before District Judge David E. Miller.

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