CWL hoping to restore Jonesboro power by noon

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro City, Water and Lightemployees have mostly resolved an electrical issue that affected almost 1,000customers and knocked out power to traffic lights on major intersections.

CWL employee Jake Rice told Region 8 News that a switchlocated at the bottom of a power pole in the Western Sizzlin parking lot hadbeen damaged—possibly by a vehicle backing into it.

Rice said that while the damage did not immediately cause anoutage, a power failure further south in Jonesboro started a domino effect thateventually knocked the switch completely out of commission.

Power went out from Browns Lane to Stadium Boulevard,causing traffic congestion after traffic signals at major intersections lostelectricity.

While power has not been fully restored to all areas, CWLemployees are hoping get the problem completely resolved by noon.

Region 8 New will continue tracking this story and bring youmore information on

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