Room Additions: Fun Ideas for Expanding Your Home

What a great time of year therefore for expanding your home. This article offers home renovation ideas that offer your family, friends and yourself some much needed extra space.

Remodeling your kitchen
Turn that pea sized kitchen around! Knock down that dining room wall, remove that living room wall and you will find you've quadrupled your kitchen space, created room for storage, eating, meal prep or simply relaxing.

Add an extra bedroom
Here are just a few ways you can add an extra bedroom to your house thereby removing the need to move into a new house to create more space.

  • Convert the loft
  • Convert the basement
  • Divide a bedroom into two
  • Add an extra room in the garden
  • Build a room above your garage

Some other tips:

We also suggest inviting a professional to your home for an hour to go over what your options are. This can be someone from Gene Rodgers Home Improvement or a realtor. With any room additions and plans for expanding your home it's always good to get input from a professional about how each addition will improve the resale value of your home. A professional can advise on current designs and trends and help you gauge whether your room additions are compatible with what others are doing in your neighborhood.

Look at home magazines for inspiration. Cut out any articles that inspire you and any photography of handsome room additions done elsewhere. This will help you as you consult with your professional.

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