Locals express indifference, muted praise for Romney VP pick

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Once the initial news broke, localRepublicans and Democrats got their chance to discuss Mitt Romney's choice fora running mate.

The vast majority of voters that spoke to Region 8 News thisweekend about Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin being named as the GOP's vicepresidential candidate expressed anything but excitement.

Romney supporters greeted Ryan with great fanfare at theunveiling in Norfolk, Va. Almost a thousand miles away Jonesboro voters seemedless enthused.

"I'm glad that he did go ahead and pick his running mate,"Felicia Johnson of Jonesboro said, "so that we can get this campaign on theroad. I am ready for November to come and go."

Johnson plans to vote for President Obama in November, butshe says the prolonged campaign has induced fatigue.

"It's been what, a year and a half of campaigning,elections, mudslinging, the economy and the housing market," Johnson said, "andI'm ready to see who's going to get in office and see what they have plannedfor us."

The Republicans may not be able to sway Johnson, but somevoters say Paul's position on the House budget committee could bring the focusback onto the economy.

"By picking Ryan, (Romney) chose someone who does a lot withbudgeting and money and stuff," said Sharanda Crews, an ASU student who studiespolitical science, "so he's like, 'I'm trying to save the economy. I'm going topick the guy who's doing a lot of stuff with the budgets and that kind ofthing.'"

Crews says she would probably vote for Romney if electionwas held right now. Crews echoed other local voters' concerns, saying she can hardlycall herself a fan of either candidate.

"I don't really like Obama, but I don't really like Romneyeither," Crews explained. "So, I'm like I don't know who to vote for. Do I wantfour more years (of Obama), or do I want to give Romney a chance?"

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