Cockfighting suspects plead guilty in court

MONETTE, AR (KAIT) – Eight men accused of holding a cockfighting match in Craighead County pleaded guilty in court Monday.

According to the Craighead County Prosecutor's Office, Jesus Diaz, Roman Eduardo Diaz, Joel Marales Contreras, Artemio Contreras, Jose Contreras, Omar Ryes, Oscar Jaramillo, and Julian Suniga pleaded guilty to possesing instruments of a crime and had their 12 month sentence suspended.

They're to pay a fine and court costs.

An anonymous tip alerted Craighead County deputies about the fight being held at a house just south of the Missouri border in Craighead County on August 11.

When deputies arrived on scene they found eight men and five dead roosters. Police say some of the men had rooters in their arms and they were all watching the rooster fight.

Investigators also found a collection of the razor sharp hooks that attached to the roosters legs, and several roosters alive in tent-like wooden huts.

Deputies also seized a large collection of knives or hooks, and a bottle of Vitamin K.

Police say the Vitamin K is used for blood clotting and there was another bottle which contained a strychnine solution is used to hype the roosters up.

Police said the men were also carrying a large amount of cash.

One of the seven is wanted on a murder charge in Alabama, and another man is wanted on charges in New York and Mississippi.

In all police believe there were 30 roosters at the house, and at least 5 were killed. Some have disappeared since the arrests, and the Humane Society has taken the birds into their possession.

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