Near drowning prompts ordinance to require fencing around Senath pools

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - The Senath City Council will vote at the council meeting Monday night on an ordinance requiring pool owners to put fences around their pools.

Senath Mayor Joe Lane said the proposed ordinance stems from the near drowning of a toddler in a four feet deep pool June 24. "We're not trying to punish anybody with swimming pools or anything like that. We're just trying to keep everybody safe."

Police Chief Omar Karnes said the toddler is okay, but the incident was a close call. "The kids had been out swimming in the pool in the yard, and they went in the house doing other things and the baby went back outside and crawled over the side of the pool into it."

"(His) parents got him out and started doing chest compressions, got a lot of the water out of him, and by the time we got there the EMTs had (airlifted) him to Memphis."

Chief Karnes said a lot of incidents involving children drowning or nearly drowning in pools have not occurred in Senath. "One is too many. Zero is a perfect number."

Yessica Sierra is a mother of two who has decided to take her pool down for the summer due to children from her neighborhood wanting to swim in it. "There have been on two occasions that the children come and knock on their door asking for them to let them play in their pool," said Sierra's English translator.

Sierra agrees with the Senath City Council's proposed ordinance.

"She says they're going to take it down this weekend, and next year is when they're going to fence it in."

The Senath City Council will also discuss how much time people will have to comply with the ordinance, and the penalties for people who do not comply.

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