Teen shooting solves car burglary mystery

SUNSET, AR - (WMC-TV) - Multiple vehicle break-ins over a series of two weeks in Crittenden County have now been connected to a murder.

There were more than 40 recent car break-ins. Investigators say the case solved itself when two of their teenage suspects got into an argument and one ended up dead.

Despite sparkles of sunlight cascading onto Sunset, Arkansas, darkness prevails on Powell Street.

Roosevelt Hearod's daughter was engaged to Robert Lee Hardy, 18, who is now dead.

"I be feeling people, you know, folks that say they your friend are your worst enemies," said Hearod. "She pregnant by him. He never get the chance to see his child, you know."

Friday afternoon, in broad daylight, Hardy was shot and killed in the middle of the street.

Chief Investigator Mike Callender says multiple witnesses identified the shooter as Dominique Parker, 17, who is now locked up in the Crittenden County Jail. He is charged with murder.

"He just pulls out the gun and shoots the kid, you know, one time right in the chest, he's dead," Callender said.

Hardy and Parker were old friends. Callender says they were part of a group of teenagers responsible for breaking into more than 40 cars in an adjacent neighborhood.

"This shooting was over an argument about who was going to get to keep a gun that was stolen out of one of those cars," explained Callender.

Several other teens face charges for the break-ins.

Although investigators could not release Parker's mugshot because of his age, they say he will be tried as an adult on the murder charge.

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