Grow Your Business - Yellow Pages

Pros - Yellow Pages are shipped to almost every household and place of business, offering near total coverage. An advertiser may place ads in multiple categories and multiple books with flexibility in ad size. Ads may range in size from a simple name and address all the way up to a full double page. Yellow Page ads are considered an easy buy because a single ad placed once runs uninterrupted for a year.

Cons - Yellow Pages are quickly becoming outdated as Internet and mobile searches have made the process of finding complete and up to date information on a business near instantaneous. As a passive medium the Yellow Pages do little to reach out to new potential customers but rather serve as a reference for customers who have already made a buying decision and simply seek information to complete their buying process. Many larger companies and franchises recognize this and chose to take only a basic listing, diverting their marketing budget into other mediums or into their own website to capture potential customers. Most markets have multiple Yellow Page books, requiring an advertiser to split their budget among the various books. By their very nature, Yellow Pages group businesses right beside their competitors. In a crowded business category, it is easy for potential customers to become lost in a sea of choice. Larger ads tend to make a business stand out in the crowd, but can become very costly. Once printed, a Yellow Page ad cannot be changed. This restricts advertisers in making changes in marketing direction such as promotion of new or seasonal products and services.