Grow Your Business - Direct Mail

Pros - The most powerful quality of Direct Mail is the ability to target mailings by household income, zip code, and a business' existing customer list. Direct Mail can be very flexible, varying in size, numbers of pages, illustrations, prices, and descriptive copy. This flexibility gives the advertiser the ability to customize their message to suit their desired customer base. Printing options can range from a simple and relatively inexpensive black and white piece all the way up to a glossy full color mailing.

Cons - Direct Mail tends to be expensive due to fixed costs such as paper, printing, labor, and distribution. It also requires longer lead time than other advertising media because of the production time needed to prepare the final product. Overabundance is the largest disadvantage of Direct Mail. As consumers are greeted at the mailbox with a large stack of paper, there is a general tendency to sort out the bills and trash the 'junk mail' without ever looking at it.