Lottery fever strikes again, jackpot climbs to over $320 million

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - In 2006 the Powerball Jackpot reached 365 million. The lottery drawing held Wednesday night was steadily creeping toward that amount.

But were people lining up out the doors like they were for last years Mega Millions? Not really.

We stopped by the Quick Trip store on Flint street in Jonesboro to see if we had to fight a crowd to buy a ticket.

Steve Stewart is a regular Powerball player buying several tickets if the pot is high or typically just one. Stewart says he's not ready to open up a bank account for his winnings just yet. "It's a game." he says. "You pay a dollar or so for a ticket and then the next day you get to find out if you won something. It's the entertainment."

The QT store has had a 75 Thousand dollar scratch-off winner and a couple of signs hanging on the building proclaim this fact.

Inside cashier Sandy Forrester says they really sell more scratch offs. "The customers find their winning chances are higher with the scratch offs as opposed to the one in millions with the Powerball."

For most of us 320 plus millions is a lot of money but Forrester says they had really had to push ticket sales.

"If they push the sale and ask the people if they want to buy a Powerball ticket, you have to mention the jackpot." Forrester said. "You're going to get more sales as opposed to letting customers come in and buy what they want and leave."

Forrester says their store sells more scratch offs than Powerball tickets, but she says. "It may be because of the price increase last year and we don't get many to add the extra dollar to get the power play."

For most of us, winning the lottery is pie in the sky kind of dreaming but that doesn't mean it stops Stewart from thinking what he would do if he won.

"Probably make a car lot pretty rich pretty quick." he said with a laugh.

Stephens said he would spread the wealth around his friends.

"It's just an unimaginable amount of money." he said. "And what else can you do with it but make sure that everybody gets a piece of it."

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