Physical therapy center opens in Trumann

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A ribbon cutting ceremonytook place in downtown Trumann on Wednesday to celebrate the official opening of the NEA Baptist Clinic Physical Therapy'snewest location.

Mayor of Trumann, Sheila Walters, says there's adefinite need in the area. "There is a big need here," Walters said. "Because different surrounding areas have to come in to provide theservice.  So, this is an expansion that will help our city."

Director of Physical Therapy at NEA BaptistClinic, Jeff Ramsey, says their staff is ready to get to work.

"We've been working on this formonths," Ramsey said.  "It's been a lot of strategy, a lot ofplanning going on, but we're finally here.  It's a big relief and we'reexcited and ready to go.  We are here to let this community know thatwe're here to support them and that we're going to take care of their physicalneeds."

Physical Therapists at the NEA Baptist Clinicwill be working with those in need on such things as neck, back, joint ormuscle pain.

They will also work with pain in the arm or legassociated with nerve entrapment.

Walters says this is going to mean a lot to thearea. "I think it's wonderful to have a clinic here," Walters said. "To have physical therapy available to the residents in our city. I happen to be a nurse.  So, I'm a little bit familiar with physicaltherapy and medical equipment and the way it works and having moreopportunities locally, it just makes our community feel better knowing itsright here at hand."

Ramsey says they want to help the public dealwith any pain or limitations they might be suffering from.

"We're going to provide you with somequality care here," Ramsey said.  "We're going to address yourpain and all they symptoms that you have.  We're going to get you back todoing things the way you would like."

For more information about NEA Baptist Clinicphysical therapy services, log onto their website.

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