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Holly Bobo's family and friends try new approach

Missing woman, Holly Bobo Missing woman, Holly Bobo

(WMC-TV) – The family of missing nursing student, Holly Bobo, is trying a new approach to finding her.

After countless rallies and canvasses through the woods, the family is now mailing out 20,000 cards in an effort to generate new leads.

It has been 16 months since Holly Bobo disappeared from her home in Parsons, Tennessee.

About a dozen volunteers spent the day combing Decatur County for clues, just as they have nearly every week since the student disappeared.

Among the searchers were Chris Williams and his K-9 partner, Bear.

"We literally have to get in there, go about 30 feet in and just pull all of the leaves out of there and look through them to see what's there," Williams said. "You've got a whole year and a half's worth of foliage."

Just yards away at the Decatur County fairgrounds, family and friends of the 20-year-old woman try to drum up their own leads.

"We've sent them out to Harry County Chester County, Huntington," said Holly's mother, Karen Bobo.

Holly Bobo's family drew up 20,000 cards and mailed them to homes within a 50-mile radius of Parsons, Holly's home, and the last place she was seen before she went missing in April 2011.

"It has different pictures of Holly with different rewards," Karen said.

On the cards, there is also a description of Holly's car, and a glimpse into her day.

The family is hoping the flyers will generate new leads in the case, and do what other efforts have failed to do -- bring Holly home.

"Hoping if someone saw something that maybe they didn't realize," said Karen.

There is also an unmanned table at this week's fair where people can drop off tips anonymously.

"Somebody knows something. And they need to come forth with that information," said Holly's mother.

"This isn't just a case. A case that needs to be resolved. It's Holly, she's a person," said Holly's friend, Mary Beth Helms.

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