Farm Crops Bounce Back After Heavy Rains

Posted: 3:00 p.m. Cdt

Jackson county--After heavy rains in April and may flooded out many fields, farmers are just now being able to survey the damage. They say the news is mostly good and better than expected.

Randy Chlapecka, with the University of Arkansas Coop Extension Service in Newport, says he has surveyed several fields over the past week. Saying corn and rice fields were the most damaged crops. He adds most of the damaged fields have been or will be replanted, probably with soy beans. Soybeans are the number one crop of Jackson County .

The news is not all good. Several low lying fields are still being affected by high water. A lot of those fields were where corn was growing. Last year heavy rains in may had farmers worried about profits. Chlapecka says in the end it worked out last year, saying most farmers were happy with above average profits. Chlapecka adds it would be nice to see the same results this year. In other agriculture news, the wheat harvest began last week. Early indications showing an average year for the early season crops.