Seniors are dabbling in the arts

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 retirement community is kicking up the "art factor," with an "Appreciation of the Arts" weekend taking place at South Wind Heights in Jonesboro.

Things started with an art class Friday morning on pointillism. Community Service Leader for South Wind Heights, Chad Shurley, says they always strive for new and creative things for their residents to participate in. "It was something our activities director put together," Shurley said. "We're always trying to do new things, new classes for our seniors because they always want to learn something new."

Shurley says events like these are excellent opportunities for seniors to stay active. "We're trying to exercise their mind," Shurley said.  "So, they have better eye and hand coordination. With music, it helps memory.  Any of those things that we can help them prolong to have happy lives."

Shurley says they also want to keep things interesting and fresh. "They don't want to do the same thing every week," Shurley said.  "They don't want to do Bingo every week or every day. They want to do something new just like we want to do something new. And this gives them an opportunity to learn about new artists they've never heard of or music they've never heard of or even genealogy and they can dive into their past.  And they love it.  It's like going back to school or college for them."

Shurley says this art class is just the beginning. They plan on beginning a class on both genealogy and facebook in the near future.

Shurley says you can learn something new no matter what your age. "It's never too late to learn," Shurley said.  "And it's always fun and rewarding for both the person teaching and the person that's learning the subject."

Saturday, August 18th will be a music tribute to Elvis and Sunday, August 19th will a family picnic at noon. Shurley says they also intend to start holding an art class the first Saturday of every month.

There are around 114 residents currently live at South Wind Heights.

All activities are open to the community. For more information about South Wind Heights, log onto their website.

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