Families, Inc. offers parents additional help

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 parents tryingto figure out what to do with their children got some extra help at Families,Inc. in Jonesboro on Friday.

Child Psychologist with Families, Inc., Dr. MikeDavis, says discussed the fundamental principals of behavior management forchildren.

Dr. Davis says there are a number of suggestionsout there parents shouldn't be paying attention to.

"In my experience," Davis said. "There are a lot of techniques out there. Techniques that arebeing sold over the internet and talked about amongst the social media, butwhat I've found is that there tends to be a core set of behavior principalsthat really apply to all children. Regardless of diagnosis, regardless ofunderlying backgrounds and that's really what we're trying to focus on, today. To give parents a clear understanding of some of the behavior principals thatunderlies behavior management."

Davis says the first things parents need to knowis how to deal with a situation. "Knowing how to deal with crisismanagement," Davis said.  "That's really one of the first stepsthat we talk about so we're sure parents aren't going to be tiptoeing aroundsmall misbehavior in a way to avoid large blowups.  Things like that."

Davis says there's no one thing any parent cando that will work on every child. "I think one of the biggest myths,"Davis said.  "Is that there is a fix all for all children and allbehaviors because there's really not. It must be individualized.  It allneeds to be tailored to each individual child.  And that's really what we'retrying to talk about today, is how to talk about fundamentals that can be truefor all kids, but also how to tailor that to individual children onissues."

Davis says no matter what challenges a parentmay be facing, there's always a solution. "Behavior is absolutelychangeable," Davis said.  "If parents aren't happy with the wayyour children behave in public or in school, even in the privacy of your home,those are certainly things that can be modified and adjusted and changed overtime."

Davis says they intend to hold another programin the future.

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