Students across Region 8 head back to school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the summer at a close kids always excited about what the new school year will bring.  Monday morning, kids jumped off the bus and many saw teachers again for the first time in months.

While of course the kids were excited, for moms like Wendy Tyler, it's always hard when the summer comes to an end.  "It is tough for mom but ready for structure again.  He's excited," said Tyler.
But no matter what, there's one thing for sure.  "There's nothing like the first day of school," said Fox Meadow Elementary Principal Amy Floyd.  
But Monday I don't anyone was more ready to bust through that front door than six-year-old John Mark Brown.  "I'm pretty excited.  I'm always here before anyone's here.," said Brown.
His mom works at Fox Meadow.  John Mark is going into the first grade and is serious about his studies.  "My favorite subject is toys," said Brown.
But the first day, it's not always easy.  I asked Brown if he had a hard time getting up?  "yeah, because boys really love sleep," said Brown.
Five-year-old Gabrielle Plata started kindergarten Monday and was all smiles for her first school day ever.  "it's my first day," said Plata.
"We have children very young, beginning at age five, who a lot of times it's their first day to ever to be on campus.  Parents aren't very familiar procedures the first few days.  So just remember to be extra cautions and slow down a little bit," said Principal Floyd.
And as a remember to all drivers.  Police will be out on the roads to monitor those school zones.  So be sure to give yourself a little bit extra time to get either to work or school.

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