Concerned citizens organizing festival to "bring back pride" to Tuckerman

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) – Neighbors and city officials alike are calling the community of Tuckerman to rally together for an upcoming event.

Many residents feel Tuckerman has lost a bit of its spirit, so they are hoping a new Fall Festival can help reclaim that hometown pride.

"Like a former mayor once said," Donny Ivie said, "it's the best little town in Jackson County."

Ivie and his wife moved to Tuckerman eight years ago. The move initially took some convincing, but Ivie says he quickly realized why the town of less than 2,000 people was considered one of the best.

"People pulled together," Ivie said. "If somebody got down, they came in and pulled together to help that person. That really caught my attention, and that's why I moved up here.

"But somehow in the past eight years, we've kind of lost sight of that," he added, "so we're going to try to bring that back."

To bring back the town's pride, Ivie and his neighbors proposed an idea to host a Fall Festival. They believed the event would allow people to work toward something and rekindle the community's spirit.

"I can already see that it's helped," Ivie said, "because people that normally don't talk are coming to the table and talking."

"I'm a citizen here, will be the rest of my life," said Mitzi Milligan, who has lent her support to the cause. "I'm a business owner like a lot of them there, and we want our community to come together. We want to work together."

Milligan says the community knew the event could be successful because of its annual Hometown Days celebration, which benefits the local ambulance service.

Milligan says the proceeds from the Fall Festival will go toward beautification projects around town. Many say new flowers or shrubs will help the town look better and hopefully allow a little hometown pride to take root once again.

"I think everybody needs to come to see what we're doing and be involved," Milligan said. "This is their hometown. They need to get out and say hey, I live here, and I want Tuckerman to shine again."

The Fall Festival committee meets every Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Tuckerman Fire Station. Anyone and everyone is asked to attend and contribute ideas.

Organizers plan to hold the festival on October 26 and 27.

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