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Walnut Ridge, AR - Ron Smiley reports

Community Joins Together After Jobs Loss

JUNE 10, 2004 - POSTED AT 5:56 PM CDT


WALNUT RIDGE - One small Region 8 community is not taking a loss of jobs lightly.  After loosing over one thousand jobs to a factory closing,Lawrence County has put together a plan to recuperate some of the job losses.  Now they hope to bounce back through smart planning.


One of the things they would like to achieve is giving more financial assistance to area businesses.  Step two is using their airport and other infrastructure to attract small businesses looking for a great headquarters.


Lawrence County’s airport is key to their plans.  The airport was built during World War II and has three 5,000 foot runways.  The runways can accommodate 737’s and similar sized planes.  After a one thousand foot expansion project is finished on the runways they will also be able to accommodate 747’s and most other planes.


Jerry Smith, the director for the Center for Regional and Community Development says Lawrence County is riding the wave of the future.  Communities coming together and finding out a niche industry they can be competitive with.


Ted Moskal works for the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.  He says they are working on” looking for ways to grow existing businesses and recruitment.”  Adding, “The central position of Lawrence County in the U.S. makes them a perfect candidate for the avionic industry.”


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