2 men accidentally shot with single discharge from rifle

WHITE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) –Two men have been injured by asingle round during a freak accident.

According to the White County Sheriff's Department, 30-year-oldJacob Morris and 32-year-old James Mitchell were taken to the White CountyMedical Center via Northstar Ambulance Service on Aug. 22 around 9:30 p.m.

Investigators said Allen Lee King, 44, was taking a rifle offa gun rack that was attached to a wall in the bedroom when the gun accidentallywent off.  They further explained that thefired round went through the wall and into the kitchen where Morris andMitchell were sitting at a table.

According to the report, the bullet went through Morris'sshoulder and exited through his neck before hitting Mitchell is the chest.

Both men were rushed to the hospital and are expected tomake a full recovery.

Police said they areinvestigating the "negligence in the manner that Mr. King handled the rifle."

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