Wynne's Farmfest 2004 A Big Success

June 12, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

Wynne--"We have hamburgers, hot dogs, hand dipped corn dogs, homemade chili, and lemonade, just anything you want we got,"said food vendor Andy Lawrence.

Andy Lawrence and his family travel all over Arkansas working different events.

He says he has seen a lot of festivals, but Farmfest, in Wynne, is one of his favorites.

"You have crafts, novelty items, rides, you know there is something to do for everyone,"said Lawrence.

Gloria Arnold came all the way from Tupelo, Mississippi.

She sells her artwork all over the mid south, but this weekend she brings her hobby to Region 8.

"It's just meeting lot's of people. Everybody here is so nice, so we have had a really good time,"said Arnold.

Of course at every festival you have the traditional food, games, and arts and crafts, but this year you might have seen something a little different.

Gizmo is a little monkey who attracts a big crowd.

For one dollar he will personally hand you a picture of himself, but for five dollars......you can have your picture made together.

Farmfest had it all food, fun, and entertainment, but everyone agrees there is one thing that really makes Farmfest a joy to visit.

"Just watching the people, and everyone is so friendly,"said Arnold.

"I have been on the road the last 30 something years and it's just the people,"said carnival game owner Darlene Melton.

"The people, I mean, you can just look around and see a crowd. There's always a crowd. They were here until almost midnight last night. They got here at 10 o'clock today. Everybody is in a good mood. When you come to the festival you have fun,"said Lawrence.