USDA approved school lunches winding up in the garbage

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - With the first week of school coming to a close we are beginning to hear that students aren't happy with their school lunches.

New USDA regulations have made some drastic changes in lunch programs and unfortunately kids are responding by dumping lunch in trash cans.

"I really would like to have more portions but I understand that they have certain limits to do it with."

Senior Susan Sailor decided to go with the main meal of spaghetti, salad, green beans, wheat roll and grapes.

A lot of kids were taking the food but a lot was winding up getting trashed after just being nibbled on.

Riverside School Nutrition Director watched as kids tossed out tray after loaded tray. "Mostly fruits and vegetables going down the garbage and that raise our food costs up too."

The new standards cut back on sodium, require more fruits and vegetables and reduce portion size, all being done to fight child obesity.

If a kid doesn't like the main menu they have options of a salad or sandwich. The sandwich looked a little sparse with one slice of meat, cheese and lettuce and tomato and grapes.

"It meets the requirements because it has the components we are required to serve." Smith said.

7th grader Maxine Schultz opted out for the salad.

"I usually eat salad." Why? "Because there is nothing else that I like. If we ever have anything good that I like, then I'll eat that."

If you have ever raised a teenager you know that they are difficult to feed and feeding nearly 400 every day and making them all happy simply is not going to happen.

"We'll keep tweaking our menus to try and eliminate the things they just won't eat. And substitute things that will eat. But it still has to meet those guidelines."

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