City Council bans shooting inside city limits

OAK GROVE HEIGHTS, AR (KAIT) – The Oak Grove Heights City Council passed an ordinance banning the shooting of weapons inside the city limits.

Oak Grove Heights Mayor Ed Smith said shooting guns is not prohibited within the city limits.

Mayor Smith said no one has been injured yet, but residents in certain areas have complained about hearing guns discharging in some areas of the city.

He said residents' main concern is the safety of children because no one knows where the projectiles will land.

The Council voted four to two to approve the ordinance.

"I think it's a good idea. There's plenty of places to go shooting out of town, and I just think inside the city limits it's a safer thing for the kids because accidents do happen," said resident Daniel Smith.

"I don't think it's really necessary. We haven't had any trouble. Nationwide we've had some trouble, but generally speaking we've been pretty good about governing ourselves and making sure we take good care of our children," said resident Presley Isom. "If we do have a problem, normally we get on top of it pretty quick."

Mayor Smith said BB guns are not included in the ban, and shooting bows and arrows are permitted if the shooters have backstops and are more than 200 feet away from a residental structure.

The penalty for violating the ban upon the first offense is up to $500.

The penalty for violating the ban upon the second offense is up to $1,000.

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