Shooting victims lead police on vehicle chase while suspect stays behind

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) – No one was injured during a shooting inKennett overnight, but officers are trying to find out why the victims led themon a short chase.

According to Kennett Police Lieutenant Tim Trowbridge,the shooting happened near Huck's Food & Fuel on St. Francis Street around10:30 Monday. He said a man shot into a car from his front porch as the cardrove away.

As investigators were talking to the man who fired shots andwitnesses, other members of the police force found the victims who led them ona short chase, said Trowbridge. He went on to say that the victims eventuallyleft their car and fled on foot, but the pursuing officers were unable to catchthem.

Police are still trying to find out what exactly happened andsaid the man who fired shots will likely face first-degree assault charges.

As far as police know, no one was injured during theshooting, and they plan to release more information later Tuesday.

No names have been released pending the investigation.

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