Amanda Tusing Murder Anniversary

June 14, 2004 Posted 5:00p.m. CDT

Dell, AR -- It's been 4 years since Amanda Tusing's disappearance; a 20 year old with a promising future who never missed her curfew. Susan Tusing, her mother, remembers that day like it was yesterday.

"When Matt told me she left in plenty of time to be home...mother's instinct," said Tusing.

And Susan Tusing's instincts were correct.

Mandy's body was found at the Big Bay Ditch 4 days later without signs of assault. Her car was found 13 miles from there with everything in it and no evidence has been found.

"We wanted to find her, we didn't want to find her in a ditch, and Father's Day wasn't good," said Tusing.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann says his department is still working on this case. As recent as Memorial Day they investigated possible evidence that had surfaced provided by someone in the community.

"It was promising at first but just like everything else it fell through, we're just working everyday on it," said McCann.

And what about the help of Hollywood Psychic Carla Baron?

First called upon by Susan Tusing, Baron has been featured on an ABC Primetime special for her success in cracking murder mysteries. Back in April, she told investigators she knew the first name of Mandy's killer.

"We talked to the name that came up and several other people and nothing came up," said McCann.

"I have enough reason to believe that what we do know so far is accurate and I still have questions," said Tusing.

For now Tusing is working on keeping Mandy's name out there to hopefully have this case solved in her lifetime.

"I try to keep up with things that I'm told," said Tusing.

"There's somebody out there that knows what happened and we'll run into them sooner or later," said McCann.

"Never got to have that mother daughter wedding and the fusing and arguing that goes on with that...never know if she got into veterinarian school," said Tusing. "Would she see her dream of becoming a veterinarian? What direction her life would be taking?"