NEA Red Cross looking for volunteers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There are roughly 250 Red Cross volunteers in Region 8, but help is always needed. With Tropical Depression Isaac hitting Arkansas, the local chapter is looking for volunteers.
Thursday night, the Northeast Arkansas Chapter of the American Red Cross held an event to get people signed up.
"That's the reason I wanted to go into nursing was to help people," Shirley McCall told Region 8 News. McCall is a retired LPN and on her way to becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross.
Disaster Zone Manager, Jody Carter said they've never had a problem with Region 8 wanting to give. "Arkansas is a very giving state. Arkansas is known for it's generosity, especially in times of emergency," Carter said.
However, Carter said people who want to volunteer usually come out after a disaster has happened.
"During times of an emergency, we need people who are trained and ready to respond as quickly as they can," Carter told Region 8 News.
Which, Carter said, is the point of having people sign up before disaster strikes, that way, people with a specific skill set can work where they're needed.
"We're going to find a place to use them, but it might be in a place that is not as critical," Carter said. "Where as if they'd come in beforehand we could've got that done and as soon as things start happening they can start doing what they do best."
Though Thursday night's turnout was low, Carter says, they're better off than they were.
"Whether we have two people or a hundred people, we have more volunteers than we did 24 hours ago," he said.
McCall told Region 8 News she's just glad to be on hand to help those in need.
"When I was working I never wanted to take off from that I'm retired it's just one of those things I wanted to do," McCall said.
If you're interested in becoming a volunteer with the American Red Cross, another sign-up will take place on September 18 at East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging. You can also visit the Red Cross website at
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