Budget woes prompt layoffs of Walnut Ridge workers

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (AP) - Budget troubles have prompted layoffs in the city of Walnut Ridge. The city laid off three street department workers, one full-time police officer and two part-time police officers on Friday.

Mayor Don House says the city will also lay off one full-time mosquito-control worker and three part-timers later this month.
House says the cuts are "extremely painful" to the city and its workers.
The layoffs account for almost 20 percent of the city's paid workforce. Alderman Ed Lawson blames the city's budget troubles on what he called rampant overspending last year.
In 2011, the city went over its projected budget by 9 percent. The mayor says the city's spending was over budget but not irresponsible or reckless.
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