Severe weather rolls through Region 8, leaves behind damage

Damage at the Corning Airport, Source: Laura Brown
Damage at the Corning Airport, Source: Laura Brown
Tornado spotted West of Hayti, Source: Michael Pankey
Tornado spotted West of Hayti, Source: Michael Pankey
Damage at the Farmer's Coop in Harrisburg
Damage at the Farmer's Coop in Harrisburg

CORNING, AR (KAIT) – Tornado victims are assessing the damage done by a sudden tornado that touched down in Corning Saturday afternoon.

Some said they went to church Sunday morning still shaken up, but thankful that no one was injured.

No one was in the Corning Municipal Airport when the tornado hit around 4:15 Saturday evening.

A family who lives across from the airport picked up glass in the yard that had exploded from the windows outside the house.

The home owner told Region 8 News it took several hours Saturday night to get the windows boarded up, and the window damage is in addition to a buckled and shifted floor inside the house.

The tornado damaged Betty Turner's home, which is also located across the street from the airport. ""We called it our sun porch. We had glass all the way around it. We have no glass in it. Everything is just moved."

Erica Rapert, Betty's daughter who lives next door to Betty said her home and the sheds behind her home have extensive damage. "Swing sets are tore down, air conditioner moved 10 feet off of its base," she said. "Everything just got blown everywhere."

Employees at the Corning Municipal Airport expect the building to be a total loss.

The tornado ripped the building a part, and eleven planes and two sets of wings in the building were destroyed.

Pilot Jason Brooks was working in Paragould when he got a call about the tornado. Brooks said he purchased the plane in October 2011.

"I had a Piper Cherokee 140 in the back hangar. It was completely destroyed. It was a 1973 model."

The plane maintenance company A G Air Maintenance Service, Inc. was based in the airport.

"(The owner) has got an excellent business that is known across the U.S. There's planes that fly from very far off to get worked on here every year, and it's a big loss, but I know he'll be building back here soon."

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CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Severe weather moved through Region 8 Saturday afternoon, forming several tornadoes, funnel clouds and leaving behind damage in a few areas.

According to the National Weather Service, there was a possible tornado that briefly touched down in Clay County around 4:15 p.m., destroying the Corning Municipal Airport. The NWS reports five buildings, two hangars and a shed were damaged during that storm. At least four airplanes were also damaged. Nearby homes suffered moderate damage as a result of the storm.

Cindy Curtis was sitting on the porch of her mother's home, which is located across the street from the airport, when the tornado touched down.

"About the time that we caught the wind getting stronger I said, 'I think something's brewing up' and the windows just went to busting and we ran in the house and within just a minute's time it was over, and when we come out the airport was gone and the carport's all torn to pieces and the house has shifted," she said.

Curtis said she called her husband Danny, Corning Fire Chief, at exactly 4:11 p.m. to let him know what was happening.

"There's no injuries anywhere out here at this time that we're aware of. There's some structure damage to a few of the houses out here," he said.

Another tornado, confirmed by the NWS, touched down in Dunklin County shortly after 6 p.m.. Storm chasers and trained weather spotters reported a tornado on the ground with a debris field. A large farm shop was damaged during that tornado. There was farm equipment inside that was destroyed.

That tornado was later spotted Southwest of Hayti, Missouri but no damage was reported with it.

Another brief tornado was confirmed on Highway CC South of Kennett, Missouri at 6:20pm.

What appears to be strong winds damaged the Farmer's Coop and Family Dollar in Harrisburg.

No one has been reported injured in any of the storms that hit Region 8 Saturday evening.

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