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Jonesboro, AR--Lauren Payne Reports

Indian Mall Makes Sure Shoppers and Employees are Safe

June 15, 2004--Posted at 9:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--"We've just kind of had a wake up call. All of that stuff is very important,"said Indian Mall Marketing Director Christy Veara.

In light of news that terrorists plotted to attack a shopping mall in Ohio, Indian Mall in Jonesboro is not taking any chances with security.

"Security has meetings with their employees on a regular basis. We also have meetings quarterly with the merchants, and security meets with us if they have issues,"said Veara.

Contractors and servicemen must always show proper I.D. and work orders.

Suspicious cars left unattended for a certain time frame would be towed if they can't be identified, and delivery trucks must show bills of lading for the freight being carried.

Of course, the Jonesboro Police Department is just one phone call away.

We do work closely with them on a regular basis when needed. I feel just as safe here as I do anywhere.

If something is going to happen, and it happen right where you are.....that is just one chance out of a million.

Sherrie Griggs works at Indian Mall.

She says mall security is always there to escort employees or shoppers to their cars at night, and Griggs says she has full confidence in Indian Mall and the security.

"We've never had any problems and they are there if there is a problem. I don't know why anybody would feel unsafe, here in Jonesboro especially,"said Griggs.

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