Region 8 men are stepping up and getting screened

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - St. Bernards and the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundationteamed up to provide free prostate screenings to the men of Region 8 onWednesday.

Men ages 50 to 75 were invited to come to St.Bernards Auditorium in Jonesboro where there they were given blood pressurechecks, PSA blood test and a digital rectal exam.

Dr. J. Cranfill with the Medical Plaza Urologysays prostate cancer is something men should be taking seriously. "ProstateCancer is the number one cancer in men," Dr. Cranfill said.  "Itis also the number two cause of death."

Dr. Cranfill says one of the biggest problemswhen dealing with cancer are no warning signs. "The problem with prostatecancer is it has no signs," Cranfill said.  "As gentlemen getolder and our prostate grows may have some symptoms from getting up at nightand trouble going.  That's an enlarged prostate, that's not cancer. Cancer has no symptoms.  So, the only way we're going to find it isto get screened.  If you can't get out here, then you need to make sureyou're seeing your doctor once a year."

Jonesboro resident Guy Patteson has beenattending the annual prostate screenings at St. Bernards for the past twoyears. Patteson says he started getting tested when he first turned 50. "I'm52," Patteson said.  "The risk category, the age group, is 50and older.  So, this is my second time to come.  It's sort of apreventive, free exam."

Patteson says he feels getting screened is theresponsible thing to do. "You know, this is really physical, preventativemaintenance for men," Patteson said.  "And when you haveorganizations providing free community screenings like this, it's important totake advantage of this free information."

Dr. Cranfill says the process of gettingscreened is a quick one. "You can get in and out of here in 10minutes," Dr. Cranfill said.  "There is some paperwork that youhave to fill out.  We have nurses from St. Bernards that are checkingblood pressure and then some young ladies that are drawing blood.  Thenthe rectal exam takes less than a minute.  So, if you can get yourpaperwork filled out quickly it's not going to take you long."

Dr. Cranfill says forewarned is forearmed. "Prostatecancer has no signs or symptoms," Cranfill said.  "It's notsomething that you're going to see that makes you worry about it.  You'vegot to get checked."

For more information about prostate screenings,log onto their website.

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