Despite shooting, Wynne residents say city is a safe place

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - Wynne residents were shocked to learn of a shooting at a neighborhood park over the weekend, but still believe the city is safe.

The Wynne Police Department has confirmed five people were injured in a shooting at Deshay Park Saturday evening.

Police Chief Jeff Sanders said investigators are conducting interviews, and have no suspects. "Hopefully we can get the help with the public out there to talk to us," he said. "The investigation right now is being conducted by Arkansas State Police."

Chief Sanders does not believe the shooting was gang-related.

Retired police detective and First Baptist Church Pastor Julius Hill said the shooting is a motivator for the community. "We regret it happened, and we're going to do everything within our power to not allow it to happen again."

Pastor Hill started a neighborhood watch six years ago in the neighborhood where the shooting happened. "We're now going to increase what we've been doing."

Willie Murry lives near Deshay Park. Murry said he keeps to himself to stay safe. "I pretty much just stay at home," he said. "I think it's pretty safe. It's just the young kids getting wild. I don't know where they're getting these guns and stuff from."

Anyone with information about the investigation can contact the Wynne Police Department at (870) 238-8718, or email Chief Jeff Sanders at

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WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - Several people are recovering from a shooting that happened at a neighborhood park in Wynne Saturday evening, according to residents.

The Wynne Police Department  has not released information on a shooting investigation, but several people who live near Deshay Park located at the corner of Williams and G Streets told Region 8 News at least five people were injured in a shooting that happened around 4 p.m.

Vanquane and Tronice Hughes, two men who said bullets hit them in the leg and arm respectively, were walking towards Deshay Park to get to a friend's house when they saw a large crowd gathered at the park.

Shortly after they arrived, Tronice said he heard what he thought was several gunshots. "I ran the opposite way, then ran back to the scene to go over my friend's house, and he said, 'You got shot?' I said, 'I don't know,' and I woke up in the hospital."

Vanquane said the bullet that hit him is still lodged in his right leg. "I started running, and I felt the bullet hit me in my leg," he said. "(Doctors said) if they take it out I could bleed to death, and it's lodged inside one of my bones."

Fifteen-year-old Brittany Light said people who were at the park Saturday evening told her the situation started with disagreements between sets of siblings. "I heard it was about the two little brothers being into it, then it carried on to the older cousins and the brother," she said.

Wynne native Preston Jackson said unfortunately he is all too familiar with news stories of violent neighborhoods after living in Michigan for several years, but he is shocked about the story of violence in his hometown.

"People's lives in danger and everybody knows everybody around here," Jackson said. "People don't know about that killing and stuff (in Wynne). They just know about having a good time."

Brittany's mother, Tresha Light is also surprised by the incident. "We ain't never had nothing like this here. Out in the open, kids was walking. That was just a bad thing, just bad."

Tronice believes he knows part of the cause for what he says is a rise in violence in Wynne.

"They ain't got nothing to do," he said. "You can barely get a job, and plus with the community you're around you can barely do what you want to do."

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