Bees Attack Elderly Arkansas Man

JUNE 17, 2004 - Posted at 2:46 p.m. CDT

HASTY, AR - An 89-year-old former beekeeper from Hasty (Newton Co.) is recovering after he was attacked by a hive of bees.  Earl Henry was stung more than 100 times on his face, neck, back, hands, arms, ankles and legs.

Henry said he only kept the one hive of bees in his yard to pollinate his garden and produce honey.  He said he got two gallons of honey last year.

Henry is at the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison.  He said he was driving his lawnmower past the hive when the bees swarmed and attacked him, stinging him over and over, until he escaped into his house.

His wife Vestie dialed 911.  She said bees had stung her husband's ankles and flown up his pants legs, stinging him to the knee and up his shirt sleeves, stinging him to the elbow.

Henry said he plans to call in bee experts when he gets out of the hospital to see if wild bees may have bred aggressive traits into his colony of domestic honeybees.

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