"My Life" Set to Hit Bookstores

June 16, 2004 -- posted 6:30 p.m. CDT

Blytheville, AR -- Former President Clinton is going to be busy in the coming weeks, as he's already booked to make his rounds on the talk show circuit.

At That Bookstore in Blytheville, store owner Mary Gay Shipley is also in hot pursuit of Arkansas' native son for a book signing. Months ago Shipley hosted Hillary Clinton when she released her book.

"We're just assaulting on all fronts, we're talking to his office and the publishers, I really think he'll come," said Shipley.

Shipley is also hosting a party the night before the book's release. At midnight they'll start selling copies.

"We have asked people to bring in some of their memorabilia that they have and we just want to see how their lives have intersected with Clinton's life," said Shipley.

Mary Gay Shipley's life has certainly intersected with Clinton's. She has a photograph of the 2 of them at the White House during his Presidency, so it's not a surprise that she has an inside scoop on what you can expect in "My Life."

"He said oh Mary Gay, my editor says that when people read this book they are all going to want to come to Arkansas," said Shipley.

Excerpts from an interview with 60 Minutes about "My Life" detail Clinton's latest reaction to the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. He says quote: "I think I did something for the worst possible reason-- just because I could."

As for his reaction to the Republican attempt to drive him out of office, Clinton says, "I didn't quit, I never thought of resigning...the whole battle was a badge of honor. I don't see it as a stain, because it was illegitimate."

Some folks in Region 8 are eager to read "My Life."

"Oh yeah...Oh yeah... everybody loves a good love story," said a Blytheville Resident.