JPD works multiple car break-ins all across Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Over a three day period, the Jonesboro Police Department responded to eight car break-ins. While some of the incident reports said it appeared nothing was stolen, other victims had hundreds of dollars worth of items taken from their vehicles. 
One victim, Tiffiny Brown, has had her vehicle broken into twice in the past year.
"Y'know, I don't know what they've got trying to break into my car, they could have a gun, they could have anything, I have to protect my family. If they're not going to do it, someone's got to do it," Brown said. Brown told Region 8 News when she went out to her truck Saturday morning to go to work, she noticed it had been broken into.
"Took a slim jim or some kind of screwdriver to get in. They took my purse, all my belongings, my money, my debit card, my check book. They took everything," she said.
On top of that, Brown said her children's social security cards and two of their gaming systems were taken from her truck. Brown said her daughter's car had also been broken into.
"Went through the glove department, the console, but there wasn't anything in her car so they didn't get anything out of hers," she said.
Brown is one of many recent car break-in victims in Jonesboro. Saturday morning, JPD responded to two different incidents within blocks of each other. On Brooke Circle and Broadmoor Road, two convertibles had their tops slashed open. One victim reported a GPS stolen. On Monday, a victim reported a vehicle break-in on Holmes Road where a backpack with nearly $500 in college text books and a calculator had been stolen.
Some important tips to keep in mind when leaving your vehicle is to never leave any valuables in your vehicle. If you do, don't leave them in plain sight. Also, make sure to lock your car when you leave.
Locked doors still didn't keep Brown's vehicle safe. Her truck and another truck on Flatrock Trail in Jonesboro both had locked doors and were still broken into. In the incident on Flatrock Road, a gun, car stereo and pair of binoculars were stolen from the vehicle. Brown said knowing her truck was locked and still broken into is frustrating.
"I work hard to get what I have, and I hate for someone to come and take it away from me," Brown said.
Brown told Region 8 News that her driver's license and social security cards were later dropped off at her house. Her money and children's gaming systems are still missing.
According to JPD, these cases have been placed on an inactive status. Once they develop any leads and/or suspect information, they will then investigate.
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