Steinways arrive at ASU

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A special delivery happened at Arkansas State University's Fine Arts Center on Wednesday.
20 Steinway pianos were delivered and assembled in a number of the practice and recital rooms.
Representatives with ASU's Music Department are committed to becoming an all "Steinway" department and these pianos are a part of that effort.
Associate Professor of Music, Lauren Schack-Clark says it's about time their pianos were replaced.
"The pianos that we have here at ASU," Clark said. "Have been here since the 60s and 70s.  And the students have been practicing on them everyday and they are worn out.  So, they need replacing.  And that's what we're working on.  We're trying to give our students the best that we can give them."
These pianos will be at ASU for the school year on loan through Amro Music in Memphis, Tennesse.
Amro representative Josh Stevens says they were thrilled to help ASU faculty and staff out when they first got a call about the situation two years ago.
"To see the pianos that were here previously," Stevens said.  "And how they were still practicing so hard and doing the best they could.  All they were missing was great equipment.  So, we're excited to have worked on this."
Clark says the best thing about these pianos is that they'll last.
"The nice thing about the Steinway products," Clark said.  "Is that we'll never have to replace them because once we buy these instruments they're basically timeless.  We just refurbish them every few years and they're good to go.  They are the most beautiful tone.  They're the world standard in all the great concert halls and by all the great piano artists.  So, we're happy to do the best for our students."
The plan is to raise funds during this school year to purchase the pianos.
Junior Black Craft is a pianist at ASU and has been practicing on the older instruments for the past two years.
Craft says he's thrilled with the arrival of the new Steinway pianos.
"As students we seem to think that the school is this big, scary thing that takes our money," Craft said.  "But no, they're really working for us.   They're all going out and talking to everyone trying to get us these pianos and it's just so amazing.  I just love them for this."
Bijia Wang was one of the many students and faculty members waiting anxiously as the pianos were assembled.
"I am just so excited about this," Wang said.  "When I applied to ASU, it was just a year and a half ago, the card they sent me said we'll have Steinway pianos.  And finally we got them, right now."
Wang was one of the first students to begin practicing on one of the Steinway pianos after they were assembled.
The music department's first concert is going to take place on Saturday, September 15th in the Fine Arts Center Recital Hall
For more information about the upcoming concert or the Music Department at ASU, log onto their website.
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