Neelyville Teen Allegedly Kills Mother in Argument

June 18, 2004 -- Posted at 4:15 p.m. CDT

BUTLER COUNTY -- A 16-year old Southeast Missouri boy accused of killing his mother remains in custody.  The Neelyville teenager allegedly told officers he shot his mother after an argument.  It's a crime that has folks in the small town wondering why?

The tight knit community of Neelyville is still reeling after a high school junior allegedly shot and killed his mother, 37-year-old Ginny Harris Grandberry.
It's a crime that's shocking to those who knew the boy. Jason Rose taught the high school junior last year.
"You don't expect something to happen in a community like that. It happens to everybody else, it's not supposed to happen at home or not to your kids that you have in class, not the kids that you care about and he was on those...a kid that you would care about," said Rose.

Police officials say they received a 911 hang-up call at 7:03 Thursday morning. When they dialed the number back, it came to the Grandberry residence, and that's when the shooting was reported.  Police responded to the call minutes later at the house just off of Main Street.

"A young man finally come out the front door carrying a long gun and my officer had to have him put the gun down and the young man stated he had killed her," said Butler County Sheriff Bill Heaton,
"On this morning I believe this just all came together. He and his mother had gotten into an argument and she threatened to take his guns away from him."

A mixture of alcohol and ammo may be to blame.  Officials recovered an arsenal of weapons in the home, including the .410 that is the alleged murder weapon.

"He stated he had four beers and as far as weapons in the house we recovered 15 loaded, all weapons were loaded. 15 of them," said Sheriff Heaton.
Something that those who know the juvenile still can't believe.
"He was a good boy. I've had him in class and he's done an excellent job for me. He's very respectful and you just never expected that from him," said Rose.
The boy is being held in Juvenile custody, pending charges.