Hoxie Welcomes Home Bible Quiz Champions

June 20, 2004--Posted at 3:30 p.m. CDT

HOXIE-Hoxie's Bible Quiz champion team got a warm welcome home Sunday morning.

"A little bitty church from Hoxie went to Anaheim and won the whole thing,"said bible team coach Tracy Gates.

There were over 160 bible quiz teams across the United States, but only 6 met in Anaheim California.

"They have just been studying for the last 10 months, and they studied the word of God. They have been hiding it in their heart, and went to California and just took it all,"said Gates.

The team of five range in ages from 8 to 12, and while they say it was a lot of hard work, it was all worth it in the end.

Some of the questions were a little challenging.

"How did Paul describe the rapture of the church. It's about a paragraph long,"said team member Blake Snow, but this team from Hoxie played to win.

Blake Snow is this year's top quizzer, he says it's all a team effort.

"It was awesome. Everybody was excited from our team. We just did a really good job, and we worked hard for it,"said Snow.

"Well just winning it was great. It was awesome,"said team member Leslee Parrish.

While the team did go to California to take care of some serious business, there was a little time and relax and enjoy sunny California.

"It was fun. I liked Disneyland and the parade was fun,"said Parrish.

"Just going on the trips, meeting new people, and studying god's word is awesome,"said Snow.