Rain puts a damper on much more than game play for FFN

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Nettleton Raiders and Valley View Blazers wrapped up Community Unity Week Friday night with their big, rivalry game. After last Friday night's games were postponed, fingers were crossed for clearer skies.
Sara Hackett has been a part of the Valley View Dance Team for the past two years. She said the hype surrounding Football Friday Night is great in her school district.
"It's crazy, everybody just loves supporting their team and that's part of the reason I'm on the dance team," Hackett said.
However, when Mother Nature has different plans, it makes it a little more difficult to support the team.
"Everybody was disappointed, especially for the first home game and we were all really prepared and hyped up and everything and it was just kind of a bummer," she told Region 8 News.
It's not just school spirit that's affected by rain, though, according to Valley View Athletic Director, Gaylon Taylor.
"If you have rain you're going to lose anywhere from 50-75 percent of your gate sales," he explained. He said while the team will still play if it's just rain, it's a different story if there's lightning as well.
"You have to make sure that you're providing the best possible, safest environment that you can for not only your people but for the visitors as well and that can sometimes be a problem," Taylor said.
Taylor told Region 8 News they were thankful to have a large enough athletic facility to house a big crowd, but concession stand sales also pose a problem.
"It's one of those situations where there can be a lot of wasted food," he said.
Though rain keeps people from filling their stands, he said there's usually one group they can count on to show up.
"If you've got a senior, you're gonna be there regardless of the weather," he said.
Hackett said she hopes they don't deal with severe weather again anytime soon, as she sees it affect the boys on the field.
"They like to have that kind of support, the big crowd. I think it affects them," Hackett said.
With it being Community Unity Week for Nettleton and Valley View, 25% of Friday night's gate sales went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
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