National Baptist Convention Converges on Mid south

June 20, 2004 -- Posted 5:30 p.m. CDT

Memphis, TN -- 45,000 to 60,000 Christians have converged on the Mid south for the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc.

Memphis Tennessee is hosting the convention this entire week for the nation's largest African American religious organization.

For the Miller family from Chicago this convention brings back memories of a start of a courtship.

"We met, we fell in love, and that was 15-16 years ago so this is a honeymoon for us," said Rev. Clarence Miller.

"We always joke that it was divine intervention that we were supposed to be wed," said Alyce Miller.

This couple believes their Christian values have helped them through the years.

"We just kind of flow just like water wherever the waves move we move together," said Miller.

And they move together as a family. Their son Courtenay is a Pastor in Washington D.C. He is also at the convention.

"My parents have always gone, my father has always gone and he used to drag us through Congresses across the country -- that was like our summer vacation," said Miller.

Now this son has become a teacher, holding a class this week called Christianity and Hip Hop Culture.

"Hip Hop is just a culture, it's not a music, it's not a genre, it's just a whole way of life just like being African American or Italian American or being upper middle class, it's just a way of life so it's fusing what you believe into the context of what you live," said Miller.

This week there will also be talks centered around gay marriage, being single and Christian, and the more traditional classes focusing on mission outreach.